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HBF Park is only minutes from the Perth CBD and a number of public transport services.


Parking around HBF Park is very limited with most areas restricted to residents only through the City of Vincent.

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310 Pier Street  Perth WA  6000


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Being a provider of function rooms in the Perth CBD means that here at nib Stadium we have had the privilege of working in partnership with a number of event organisers over the years.

While we pride ourselves on making sure we work with your team to set up the perfect function venue for your event, we have come across some common checklist items that events team often forget to tick off. While seemingly small, the items below can really make or break an event and how your guests look back on their experience.

Here are top three items to pay particular attention to next time you are planning to host a function in Perth.

Checklist Item 1 - Event kick off time

At nib Stadium we accommodate a range of different types of events across our function rooms.

From after work hours corporate functions to early morning breakfast seminars, the time that your event starts can be one of the most overlooked elements of planning a great function, especially when it comes to travelling into the Perth CBD.

It’s highly likely that your guest will be coming to your event from all over Perth, so is having it kick off at 8am really the best option? Your guests will have to battle with peak hour traffic or they’ll have to get cosy with the public transport commuters. If you are hosting an after work function that promptly kicks off at 5pm, your guests may rock up to the event already frustrated about inner city traffic.

When it comes to functions at nib Stadium, we recommend kicking off your event at the most convenient time as possible for the majority of your guests so that their first impression of your event is not one clouded with commute frustration.

Checklist Item 2 - Getting to the function venue

While most of your guests may have a general idea of where nib Stadium sits in relation to the Perth CBD, they won’t necessarily know about road works in the area, blocked off streets or which entry point is the closest to the particular function room your event is using.

Supplying easy directions to your guest about how best to access the venue is a quick with for your events team. Not only will your guest show up on time, they will walk in the doors ready to soak up all that your function has to offer.

Online we provide a general map of how to get to nib Stadium and when you are planning your event, make sure you talk to our team about more detailed directions for accessing the particular function room you are using.

Checklist Item 3 - Venue signage

Now that your event guests are feeling refreshed after a sensible wake up call to attend your event, followed by the straightforward directions to finding the venue, the last checklist item to tick off is helping your guests into the room!

There is nothing worse that entering the function venue at the right gate but then stepping into an empty lobby area with no other option than to aimlessly wander around listening out for signs of life because there was no obvious event signage.

Make this one obvious event planners, make sure that your guests are greeted at the gate or that sufficient signage is provided so that your guests know which function room to go to.

Next time you are looking to host a function around the Perth CBD, checking off the items above can have a huge impact on how your guests view and talk about your event once it's finished.

To find out more about our function rooms at nib Stadium, please reach out to the team on 08 9422 1500.