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You might have a few dates penciled in for your next corporate function, whether the event is a one or six months away, there really is no such thing as planning too early. Before you know it, the function venue you had your eye on will be booked or the event you were honing in on will have no more tickets, so if you have a function on the horizon, now is the time to get your corporate function plans in place.

It’s around this time of year that the manic craze of the end of year, employee annual leave and general Christmas duties kicks into gear. But before you succumb to the inherent pressures of this hectic time of year, it’s important to think about the benefits of celebrating with your team outside of the workplace.

We have all been there, those hellish corporate functions, lurking around with a plastic cup of some sort of alcoholic concoction while trying to avoid eye contact with those coworkers you haven’t said more than two words to in the past few months. The good news is that your next corporate function needn’t bare any resemblance to this cringeworthy type of event by following these simple 4 steps to creating a great function.

Step 1 - Reflect on your last corporate function

One of easiest and most effective ways to begin planning for your upcoming function is to look back on yours and your co workers experiences of your previous functions. There will be some things about the event that were loved while others were loathed, and you can use this feedback to get a good sense of the type of corporate function that your workplace will get a kick out of this time around.

Step 2 - Set the date

The few months coming up to the end of the year are typically the busiest time of the year, with social events and family obligations filling up people's event calendars with stunning speed. What this means is that you will need to get a date for your next function not just pencilled in but set in stone as early as possible if you are planning on a date close to the end of the year or even close to the beginning of the new year.

First you will need to consult with your co workers to get a feel for the preferred date and this will also give you a good indication of the amount of people in your team that want to attend the function. Remember that it is virtually impossible to please everyone in your workplace so the best strategy to go with here is “majority rules” when setting the date for your event.

Step 3 - Food and alcohol

Providing sustenance for yourself and your coworkers at your corporate function will be an essential component of planning the event. When you are sending out communication to set the date, also include a space when employees can note down whether they have any food allergies or intolerances as well as what alcoholic options they would most prefer. While the provision of food and alcohol will depend on the budget you are working with, it is important to make sure there is sufficient quantity of both so that your function will be enjoyed by your team.

Step 4 - Entertainment

Who doesn’t enjoy a bit of live entertainment at any type function? Think outside of the box here, how much will a live band or a DJ contribute to the atmosphere you are trying to achieve at your corporate function? While music can serve as a distraction from that awkward conversation with a colleague that you don’t really know, think about types of entertainment that will engage your team mates and spark conversation rather than just serving as a distraction.

While planning your own corporate function can be exciting, outsourcing the process is often preferred by most companies, since for a fixed price, guests can enjoy a food and drinks package in a quality venue that provides all round entertainment for you.

If you have been looking for a venue to host a corporate event for your team, nib Stadium can host and provide catering for your next corporate event or function. Give nib Stadium a call on 9422 1500 for further information regarding corporate functions.